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Welcome to Puppy Linux

Puppy Linux is a very smart Linux distribution, which was developed by Barry Kauler. He developed a Windows similar Linux, which contains all the important programs and is nevertheless small enough to run even on older PCs completely in the RAM. Puppy runs on almost all hardware, is very easy to handle with and can easily be adapted to personal preferences.

I tried to arrange a comprehensive documentation of Puppy Linux for beginners. Many thanks to all Puppy users (especcially to Lobster and Billwho?), who have contributed and helped improve this documentation.

Even though I have taken the utmost care to avoid mistakes I do not take any responsibility for the contents and quality of the information provided. Nor do I take any responsibility for any damage resulting from the use of the information provided..

Have fun with Puppy-Linux

Oliver (author) & BillWho? (translation)

2007-02-18: Puppy 2.14 manual is available
2007-01-19: New page Shell-Commands
2006-12-02: Puppy 2.10r1 manual is available